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ReefRuckus and Inkopolis Archipelago are created by Coloresent. Stay tuned for more information!

ReefRuckus (SeaSick シーシック), an idol duo that hosts news rotations and other information for all 4 islands of Inkopolis Archipelago. They are highly praised for breaking the strict composing formula that previous idol groups established. ReefRuckus contains two members, Mira, a former pop soloist. Vivian (most commonly known as Vivi), a former turf sport titleholder. They compose a variety of music, such as Future Bass, Electro, and Synth-pop. But, they are most commonly known for their awe-inspiring electro beats.


Mira Kyodai

Mira is a 21 year old Cuttlefish based on the Sepia apama. She is precisely 6’3’’ inches tall, due to her Sepia apama origin. Her tentacles are long and wavy, along with Charcoal, lime and Aqua hair color. She wears a flower crown with melon and hot pink Alstroemeria flowers. She wears a long, brown scarf. She wears a shoulderless white and melon dress. She wears purple and hot pink leggings. Her sneakers are black and melon. She wears overambitious blush, which makes her face stand out. She has thick and sharp eyelids. She has a beauty mark underneath her left eye.

She has a creme skin tone, which makes her obsessive amount of makeup stand out. The tips of her tentacles glow purple, due to her Sepia apama origin. Her pupils are shaped like the astrology cancer symbol. She has blue eyes.

During Splatfests, her clothing and tentacles change to her team's hue.

Vivian Pashi

Vivian is a 24 year old Inkling based on the Sepioloidea pacifica. She is precisely 5’7’’ inches tall. Her tentacles are sealed into two slim ponytails with hair ties. Her hair color is melon and hot pink. She wears white headphones with flashing melon lights, which is similar to agent headgear. She wears a long, brown scarf. She wears a small purple and lime dress. Her leggings are hot pink and aqua. Her lace up boots are white and melon. She has thick and sharp eyelids. She has a beauty mark above her right eye.

She has a milk white skin tone, which brings out her beautiful eye color. The tips of her tentacles glow yellow, due to her Sepioloidea pacifica origin. She has multiple freckles, due to her Sepioloidea pacifica origin. Her pupils are shaped like the astrology cancer symbol. She has lime green eyes.

All of their clothing is designed by Submerge, a new clothing brand.


Title Type Progress
News Flash! News Theme WIP
Lights, Camera, Action! Splatfest Plaza Theme N/A


(This is just a brief description of the islands, more information will be revealed in the future.)
Inkopolis Archipelago is a group of islands within a 50 mile radius. Inkopolis Archipelago holds 4 islands; Inkopolis Archipelago, Cephalo Gorge, Mollusc Arroyo, and Abyssal Underpass. 

These islands were all founded by a nomad before the Great Turf War, and soon became a warfare area. These lands were first claimed by Octarian Nemesis, but were soon dominated by the Inklings.  After the Inklings recovered from all of the damage the Octarians had caused, most of them moved on to find new land. Inklings kept on discovering new land that was located on these huge islands, and they started to build homes. The population of the islands grew bigger over time, and the demand for food, water, etc. became higher.

After a few years of having massive popularity, the islands struggled. They didn’t have enough housing districts, food, and resources. Many people had to flee to avoid their home being taken away from them and given to another person. The islands had a financial downfall, but soon recovered multiple years later whenever enough resources were collected and donated. Citizens started remodeling the city, thus, formatting modern day Inkopolis Archipelago islands. Money was earned yet again from returning and new citizens.

Multiple decades later, when the FinalFest ended, people started to move to the islands, due to it now being heavily advertised. Cephalo Gorge was a popular vacationing spot, Abyssal Underpass is one of the most iconic shopping districts, Mollusc Arroyo is famous for its breathtaking monuments, and Inkopolis Archipelago has multiple job opportunities, and many locations to keep you entertained.

Soon, Mira Kyodai, a young, 4 year old girl from Abyssal Underpass showcased her talent to the internet. It soon went viral, and she was getting massive support. She was talented. She was extremely flexible, and she had an angelic singing voice. Many talent agencies saw her talent, and offered her many opportunities to join their agency with a discount. Mira loved singing and dancing, her dream was to be a famous director, but her parents disliked the career path she was taking. Her parents could barely afford the fees of joining any agency, even if they were a middle class family. Mira continued to post content of her singing and dancing online, and gained profit from the content she created.

Meanwhile, Vivian Pashi, the daughter of two wealthy business people, continued to be neglected, due to her parents always busy at work. Her parents bought Cephalo Gorge whenever the islands started to gain popularity, and became very wealthy ever since. Her parents were always busy promoting the vacation spot, taking in complaint calls, updating social media, etc. She lived with her grandparents, who were former turf sport champions. Ever since the Great Turf War, her father's family have been successful Turf sport competitors. Her father broke the tradition, so he could fulfill his fantasy of being a CEO of a successful restaurant. But, he couldn’t gather enough money to afford creating a business and commission renovators to build a restaurant. So, after years of being a businessman, he finally racked up enough money to create a business, but, instead, he saved up for years, and bought Cephalo Gorge with her mother.

After years of publishing content of her singing and dancing, Mira finally gave up on her dream. Her parents kept on declining whenever she requested to join an agency, and she knew it was never going to happen. She still wanted to work somewhere in the fashion industry, so, after a bit of research, her heart was set on becoming a fashion designer. She sewed clothes all day with her mother's sewing machine, and soon was able to create complex designs. Her parents supported her with this hobby, because she believed her designs would actually help them financially in the future. She showcased her designs online, but received criticism. Mira can barely take criticism, and was instantly discouraged. She started to take her hobby less seriously, and soon quit designing.

Multiple years later, Vivian finally turned 14, so she decided to bring back the family legacy. She competed and practiced in Turf Wars for hours, she wanted to improve every match, and set very high expectations for herself. She got recognition locally, and became a role model for many amateurs. After about a year, she became well known. She kept on getting better, and she was considered ''one of the most dedicated celebrities.'' She went on multiple talk shows and had daily interviews. She was proud of herself for becoming successful through Turf sports, like multiple of her relatives have.

Mira was struggling to find her career path. She did a lot of research, but didn’t seem interested in anything. Her mind kept on going to pursuing her dream, which was to be a famous director. She decided to start over again; but not focusing on singing and dancing. She started writing plays and acting, and became popular once again. This was closer to what her actual career would be like, and she disliked all of the writing. She realized she enjoyed performing more than writing plays. She continued to write plays for views, while she also performed and sang. Whenever she turned 16, she stopped writing plays and moved out. She moved into her own apartment in Cephalo Gorge.

Vivian slowly began to lose interest in being a full time Turf sport competitor. She already found success, like her goal was. She wanted to do something else with her life. She was always busy socializing with friends or doing career based activities to do anything in her free time. She decided to retire from the Turf sport industry, and began searching for other careers she may be interested in. Soon, she discovered Mari’s works, and soon became inspired by her work. Music has always been a huge part of her life, and she thought this was the perfect opportunity to start a hobby related to music. She began composing music, and posting it online. She already had a huge social media fanbase, so she went viral. She soon contacted Mira, and they discussed their music careers. Vivian soon decided her passion was to compose and sing.

Mira became fast friends with Vivian, and she saw that as a perfect opportunity to get her music noticed by a wider audience. Mira asked if Vivian would produce her debut album, and she accepted. Mira’s debut album was a major success, as well as Vivian’s composing career. After months of constant collaboration, they decided to meet each other in real life. Once they met each other, they instantly shared their hopes and dreams, and decided to start a band together. Thus, ReefRuckus was born. They joined an agency, and practiced to debut. They trained contestly, and they were determined to debut.

A few weeks before their debut, Inkopolis Archipelago’s city council announced that they were seeking idols that would announce news and host Splatfests for all 4 islands. They couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so they auditioned. They both had the best reputation, and they were qualified. They were hired.

They soon moved to Inkopolis Archipelago into a penthouse together, since Mira didn’t have the budget to afford an apartment. They are active with their fanbase and are getting more popular every minute.



Mira is an upbeat, intelligent and passionate female Cuttlefish. She is given credit for forming ReefRuckus, since it was her clever idea to even form the band. She is desirous for wealth, which is one of the reasons she decided to pursue her music career. Her parents could never get her items she wanted because of financial issues, she wants to make sure she will never be like that again, since she’s alone now. Mira remains secretive about her personal life, since she wants to avoid toxicity and rumors.


Vivian is a serene and talented female Inkling. She is the most praised out of the two, since she was a celebrity before her music career. She runs ReefRuckus' social media account, since she can remain professional, because of her timid personality. She isn’t as social as Mira, but she still is humorous and quite upbeat. Vivian struggles to keep secrets, and exposes personal information (social wise) about herself and her friends.


  • ReefRuckus' Japanese band name,  シーシック (SeaSick) reflects on seasickness.
  • Their last names, Kyodai and Pashi are their Japanese names and reference their species.
  • Mira’s name means ocean.
  • Vivian’s name means life, and together, their names mean ocean life.
  • Unlike previous Splatfests, all of the Splatfests on the islands reflect on their personalities.
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