"Have a tasty day-dream!”

Reverie Cuisine are a duo made by Nuzelight. The duo consists of Nakji, a seven-arm octopus, and San, a long arm octopus. They have a dream and food aesthetic. The two host concerts in New Cacciu, a busy and large city most commonly visited for the food, for charities, mainly for the homeless and starving people, and for fun.

About The Members/Backstories

The two both come from New Cacciu, a busy place known for and most commonly visited for its delicious food. New Cacciu is crowded with people and is also home to a tall tower and the biggest companies.

San is one month older than Nakji and is one year older than him and is seen as a big brother to him. He would usually play on the guitar, an instrument he cherishes and still plays. He played on the streets due to his parents kicking him out of their house due to him wasting half his money on flights to many other places to fulfill his dream of visiting a total of 50 places. The last place he visited before settling in New Cacciu was Sakanbo, a place widely known for its cherry blossom trees. He lived there until he was 19, here he moved out of Sakanbo and back to New Cacciu. He would start his music playing ‘career’ there and would mostly play his guitar. Once he had enough money to buy things he kept playing and would often switch instruments or try to play two instruments at the same time to try and entertain people. He would then give the money he earned to charities, but would also keep a large portion for himself.

Nakji is two months younger than San and is one year younger than him. He sees San as an older brother figure. The instrument he would mostly play was the piano his grandparents had bought him when he was eight and he still continues to play it, but not during concerts. He has lived his whole live in New Cacciu due to his, now small, fear of new things, though he had always dreamed of visiting the places San has visited sometimes. His mother had realized his talent and signed him up for more advanced piano classes at the age of sixteen, putting pressure on him since he was nearing the end of his school year and he constantly procrastinated his work. He stopped playing piano for a few years until he was twenty. He had a hard time playing the songs he had learned when he was little, but he tried to catch on. He soon was able to play the piano, but not as well as he did when he was little.


San and Nakji had known each other since they were little, but would never interact due to Nakj being scared of San’s color-changing hair, something that is extremely common with his type of Octoling species. As time progressed, they began talking to each other. Their relationship wasn’t good, as a young Nakji would always point out how bizarre San’s hair was and San would often make fun of Nakji’s white hair.

Many months and years had passed and their relationship had gotten better than it was. They had shared their love of music when San had gotten his guitar once when Nakji was outside eating a piece of food he had bought. San was 15 and Nakji was 14 at the time that happened. Nakji had began the conversation with talking about the guitar and San followed the conversation with asking if Nakji played an instrument, to which he replied with a yes. San left the neighborhood after the conversation ended and would run into Nakji many years later.

San had gotten money from his years of playing on the streets and had given the money to charity. He had heard of a piano player that had now gotten into piano after many years of not playing one and San was reminded of Nakji. He asked one of the people in the street he was in if they knew what the piano player looked like, to which they responded with the player having white tentacles with faded yellow tips. San was sure it was Nakji and tied to find out where Nakji would go next. He found out by reading posters plastered around the city that Nakji would be playing a concert. Once San had seen the poster and saw the person on it, he was now extremely sure it was Nakji.

Nakji had introduced himself to the piano again after many years of not playing it due to the stress he had during the time he had been taking more advanced piano lessons. He had always stayed in New Cacciu and began his fame when he practiced many popular songs in talent shows and concerts. He had gotten many fans and had been offered many concerts he could play in. He had forgotten San, but knew a bit of what he had done when San stilled lived in his neighborhood.

The concert had came and San had spent his last bits of money so he could see Nakji. The concert then started and Nakji began playing the piano. The song he was playing a song San had heard Nakji mumble to himself the day before San left. The song was called “Never Forget”, and it was Nakji’s original song. Nakji had been practicing the song since he had started playing the piano, and San had loved the song.

Once the concert was over, San had a hard time getting to Nakji due to the crowd. He pushed his way to the front and saw Nakji. San introduced himself as one of his old friends, but Nakji was skeptical. He wanted proof that San was his old friends. San tried to think of something, and the said that if Nakji remembered the Octoling that had made fun of him. Nakji laughed at that, but a look in his eyes seemed like he wasn’t convinced. He gave a quick hug to San and asked him to visit a café the next day, to which San agreed to.

The next day arrived and San and Nakji were at the café. Nakji told San to say more about him. San explained that he always had a dream to travel around the world and visit many places. He also said that he gave money to many charities for the starving and homeless. Nakji banged his fists on the table in excitement and said that he had given money to charity for the same cause. The two connected slowly because of that and had gotten each other to like their different interests. They began playing together during Nakji’s concerts. A fan had asked them weather or not they were a duo, the two had responded with a happy ‘yes.’ The two had started their duo with a bang, releasing their first song. Half the money was given to charities and the other half they had each kept for themselves.

(sorry for the long backstory im absolute t r a s h with these.)


Song Name Type Singer
Tasty Daydreams Debut Song San/Nakji
Gourmet Race N/A San/Nakji
Never Forget Solo Nakji
To Adventure! Solo San


  • San and Nakji’s names together make ‘San-nakji’, a type of octopus dish.
  • Their duo name comes from ‘reverie’, meaning dream, and ‘cuisine’, meaning food.
  • Their catchphrase meaning, ‘Have a tasty day-dream!’ refers to food (tasty) and day-dreams.
  • Their name could also mean their dreams of making sure the people of New Cacciu have food.
  • New Cacciu is a reference to New York.
  • Their song, ‘Gourmet Race,’ is a reference to the Kirby series’ song of the same name.
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