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Riptide Ridge's album cover, titled "Two Toned Love"

Riptide Ridge a fan-made Splatoon idol duo created by SHALURA. Riptide Ridge hosts Octoka News, and will perform in Octoka Alley during Splatfests. They will announce specific stage and rank rotations broadcasted from Riptide Broadcasting to Octoka Alley, a large safe haven city created for many surfacing Octarians. The duo includes two men named Kai and Koi.


  • Kai is a male inkling with very pale skin with pink undertones. He is 18 years old and 5"8 feet tall. His eyes are a bright blue color, however his pupils are permanently shrunken and white. He has slicked back white hair that eventually fades to a deep blue, along with small tentacles above the back of his neck. Kai wears a white cropped sweater and a black leather jacket with silver studs. The fabric of the inside of his jacket is blue and sparkly. He wears black leather pants with many tears in them, revealing blue sparkly fabric underneath, along with a black belt with a silver buckle. Both of the two have black boots with a silver zipper that wraps around the boot, the heel is also quite high compared to what most men wear. Kai's signature color is blue.

  • Koi is a male octoling with slightly tan skin with olive undertones. He is 19 years old and 6 feet tall. His eyes are a shade of deep red. He has a black mowhock that fades to a bright red. His front most tentacle hangs very low, to the point of covering half of his face at most times. Koi wears a black cropped sweater with a white leather jacket with silver studs. The fabric of the inside of his jacket is red and sparkly. He wears black leather pants that have many tears in them, revealing red sparkly fabric underneath, along with a white belt and silver buckle. Both of the two have black boots with a silver zipper that wraps around the boot, the heel is also quite high compared to what most men wear. Unlike Kai, he has an unexplainable tattoo on his left arm and back that resembles an octopus. Koi's signature color is red.


Riptide Ridge's formation took place half a year after the events of Splatoon 2. Koi had heard Spicy Calamari Inkantation at age 15 from a far distance, he found peace and resolve in the mysterious song, and had made the desicion to take off with two octoling crewmates to the surface. However, he never made it far as he took a blunt injury to the head from a strange metal object, clocking most of his old memories into obscurity. He knocked out and lost both of his crewmates as a result. As he woke up, he heard the sound of a distinct and wonderful guitar coming from just a few feet away. Koi stepped up to listen closer, and saw a pale 14 year old Kai playing his old broken guitar in a field. Koi stepped up to praise this new figure, and asked for him to play more so he could listen. Kai had never had anyone ask him to play his guitar, he was so happy in that moment, that he decided to play for the octoling. Koi loved his song so much that he asked if he could listen to it forever. Kai simply laughed at him and asked for the others' name. From that day foward, Kai made the personal desicion to fulfull Koi's wish, and play his guitar for him forever.

Kai had very desperately wanted to start a music career, however he felt to shy against a crowd to even think of a concert or performance. Koi realized this and brought up the idea that he could distract a crowd by dancing and singing, so Kai wouldn't feel so nervous. From this point on, Kai and Koi began spending nearly every minute of every day with eachother, planning a small performance set to take place in New Albacore Hotel. When the night came to perform, Kai was shocked by Koi's singing voice and pure flexability, and both of them attracted a large crowd. This night was the performance of a demo version of their modernized song "Riptide Rock". As they gathered small amounts of money from venues and small performances, they went on to finalize the idol name Riptide Ridge, and set their sights big. 

They struck massive popularity after releasing their album, titled "Two Toned Love", and struck the hearts of many young octolings and inklings. Seeing this new opportunity, Kai and Koi moved to Octoka Alley, a deep, large, rural city filled with young octarians as a majority. Octarian culture was the norm there, and Kai and Koi appealed to them greatly with their stellar music. With the retire of Off the Hook and eventual disappearance of the popular idol Marina. Kai and Koi signed a deal that would put them in a huge lime light, allowing them to host Octoka News, as well as perform large concerts to celebrate splatfest, produce physical CDs and merchandise, and become the next hit boyband duo to hit mainstream.



Kai is the stoic, quieter one of the two. While he puts on a solid and mean face for the world to see, he can be incredibly shy, and can sometimes have a hard time talking to others if he's not in the mood. The only person he can feel true comfort around is Koi, and hardly talks with anyone else as a result. Kai grew up in a small suburban house, far from any cities, and often had issues with his parents emotionally. He took up playing the guitar as his main passion after finding an old, beat up guitar in the dumpster. Before meeting Koi he had no source of confidence, however after Koi came into his life, he found a new way to live and carry himself, something he never had before. Kai however, is attached to Koi on a serious level, they are never seen apart in public, and are never apart in private either. Despite looking like the tougher of the two, Kai's body can be extremely weak, and is more insecure, but has a certain sixth sense and a sharp mind to make up for it. Despite Kai's plenty of set backs, he is incredible at playing his electric guitar, and is a fan favorite among many of their fans


Koi is the fun, cheery one of the two, and always has a large smile to show. Koi is seemingly always happy in front of the public eye, but can be very serious in certain situations. Koi is in fact, a war criminal from his days in the octarian army, and was trained to teeth and bone for combat and combat alone. He was a rare case of an elite octoling male with plenty of muscle to show for it, although he hardly remembers a thing from back in the day. Koi considers Kai the most important person in his life, and while he is very social, he prefers to spend most of his time with Kai. Kai had shown Koi the true beauty of the world around him, and he believes that Kai is the best inkling on earth. Koi is an amazing singer and dancer, with no intellect to play an instrument, he uses his good looks and singing voice to aid in his popularity. During meet and greets, fans always notice a distinct thing about Koi, and that the fact that he always smells like cake batter, no matter the day or time.

There are plenty of rumors surrounding Kai and Koi's relationship, and while they might act brotherly on the surface, their interactions goes much deeper than that.

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