"Flying high! Rising tide!"

The Seadon City idols Aye and Blit (Japanese names Genki and Sakebu ) come together to form Rising Tide. Built from the ground up these cephalopods made and then sold their own studio - giving them tons of money to form their own duo. Recently, they've hosted a concert in Inkopolis for a charity researching sanitized beings and how to unsanitize them.


Aye has white to dark blue tentacles, done up in space buns. she has two more coming down and a short set of tentacles as a fringe. She wears a short sleeved shirt with a loose black tie, and a pair of dark blue shorts. Underneath, she wears leggings in black with glowing highlights of teal. She has big, circular sunglasses perched on top of her head and a fish skeleton as her other head accessory.

Blit has the invert of Aye's colour scheme, with her hairstyle being so long it trails on the floor. She wears kelp in her tentacles as a reminder of her time in the Octarian military- which is why her tentacles have the black to gold colouration that they do. She wears sunglasses much like Aye's but small and square and her other head accessory is a frog skull.


Aye is the hot head of the duo, constantly fired for Splatfests. Her energy caused her to be kicked out of Museum d'Alfonsino permanently for staining the rugs and damaging the statues during a particularly wild turf war. She was not pleased.

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Seadon City News Opening

Seadon City News Opening


  • Aye and Bit's names come together to form Aye-Blit, or 8-Bit.
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