"Let's stay above the waves... and still rock the boat!"

Rock the Boat is a fanmade idol duo made by Bibi (BibiGab) based on the game Splatoon. The two act as the hosts for the news and Splatfests of Inkolid Plaza of the city Saint Marine on Cephalon Isle, worringly close to Salmonid territory.



A 22 year old Inkling standing at 5'5 with some of her design inspired from the Common Clubhook Squid. Her hair is a very pale yellow with violet tips, with most of her tentacles being drawn into a prominent side bun, though two of her tentacles hang free on both sides of the bun. A purple headband with a "glitch" aesthetic goes from ear to ear, holding the rest of her hair in place, other than her swept to the side bangs.

Nobody knows how Weatherly's eyes looks like, due to wearing a pair of thick sunglasses she claims is based off of Octorian tech. The rest of her face is still visible though, and a large amount of freckles cover her cheeks, purposely colored by Weatherly to match her hair. Her skin is olive, being slightly paler than her co-host.

The tips of her tentacles, and her freckles change with the Splatfest theme.


A 23 year old Inkling only standing at 4'11, with some of her design being inspired by the Firefly Squid. Her hair in black with the tips being colored red, though, oddly, unlike most Inklings, Stormy's hairline is the same color as the tips of her hair. Nearly all her tentacles are tied into two buns on the top of her head, though two tentacles are tied to stand up, like horns. Her last two tentacles frame her face and end at her chin, revealing how short her hair really is. Her bangs are blunt and flat, though you won't be seeing much of them due to how she wears her sunglasses, identical to Weatherly's, perched on her head.

She has pink eyes framed by heavy makeup that makes her eyelashes look rather elongated, though she doesn't have anything like beauty marks. Her fingertips also glow the color of the tips of her hair, always appearing like she painted them. With bronzed skin, Stormy seems to be a shade or two darker than her co-host.

The tips of her tentecles, hairline and fingertips all change with the Splatfest.



Weatherly's family was involved in the Great Turf War, not unlike many Inkling families. Though, unlike most, her family hid away from the world, absolutely convinced the next Great Turf War was just around the corner. The arrival of Octolings into Inkopolis where they lived did nothing to deter them. Thanks to this, Weatherly grew up learning how to handle sneak attacks, all sorts of weapons, anything for when the war "inevitably" began. Instead of becoming fanatical though, Weatherly became terrified, convinced she could be splatted any day and there was nothing she could do. Eventually, she refused to train, locking herself in her room despite her family's protest and desperately looked for something to get them to stop training her so she could hide away. The first thing that came to mind was what she yelled down the stairs. "I'm gonna do music... like... like the drummer squids!" And her family believed her.

Realizing they were going to listen to see if she was actually keeping her word, a teenaged Weatherly began half-heartedly mixing tracks or making digital tracks out of the instruments her family brought her. Then she had two tracks. Three. She sent one to an audition to a band, supposing she had to do something with the music. To her surprise, they accepted her, and then she was as scared as she was when her family was telling her stories about the Great Turf War. She have been separated from normal society for so long, too scared to leave her home, that she just couldn't go to practice. She couldn't go outside. She asked to mix the tracks from home and thought that was it. But after though the third song, they wanted to know her, asking her all sorts of questions. Everything her family told her, about being wary of others, spies, rushed back to her, and in a panic she cut off contact. The next band she signed in on she requested them to ask her no personal information in the chat box this time.

But staying longer with this group, she watched how they talked, interacted, and she found she wanted something like them, just having a normal life and being normal. But she couldn't do that here, not in her home. Telling herself she wanted to be brave, like everybody else was to live normally, she packed whatever she had, including sunglasses to hide her eyes so she feels more comfortable in public, and left without a word, her first impulsive action, and definitely not the last, but certainly the best for herself. She almost faltered though, when she realized she had little idea what to do, the only thing she knew how to do was music and if she was going to be brave she wanted to do it alone. But she didn't know how.

Her life line though, was one Inkling collaborating with her current band. Stormy. She was apparently giving them all a hard time, but when she gave an offer for somebody to come with her to become an idol in a new island, Weatherly took it without a second thought, desperate. She didn't know the girl, she have never seen her, but she needed a new start, a new place to stay, and Stormy had to be it. The first time she saw her was on Inkolid Plaza, and she... did tend to give her a hard time. But every time she pushed her too much, Weatherly forced herself to push back, keeping on with her mantra to be better, braver in life. Of all things, Stormy seemed to enjoy that, and in their arguments, in which Weatherly was horrified to find herself passionately in, out came their first song, "Dangerous Waters". Out of that came their audition, then acceptance as idols. And, even though she was as scared as ever, Weatherly found things were easier with her newfound co-host, even if they were now expected to live near Salmonid water and work the lighthouse at times. Maybe she could even call this girl her friend.


Stormy lived and breathed bands since the moment she was old enough to understand what a T.V. was. In her family's little static filled T.V., she would watch live performances of every band and idol, claiming she was going to be like them but better. Her family, not at all flush with money, tried to deter her, but she wouldn't be swayed, buying her first guitar with her saved allowance as soon as she was a teenager. And then she found out just how hard it was to break into the music industry as a novice in the large city of Inkopolis.

Things were... hard. Family didn't want to give her any more money, solo acts weren't exactly popular, and she always scared off any potential partners, completely unknowing how to interact with people properly, thanks to her family not wanting to let her go out as a kid thanks to the bad neighborhood. Years passed, she barely stayed afloat, but no way was she giving up, she wasn't going to stop until she was good enough for people to see her on the T.V. And truly, Stormy got better and better, becoming quite the notable musician. But with an inability to mix music properly, not so great lyrics, a clingy obsession to rock music only even with a little influence from previous musicians, and her aggravating attitude to bandmates she didn't know well, Stormy seemed doomed to mediocrity, stuck in a run down apartment worse than her old home.

Things looked up the first time she bit the bullet and asked for a collaboration with another band, though not in the way she thought. While she didn't get along with her collaborators due to stubborness, until they practically ignored her, she watched whatever they said and soon, an opportunity she needed popped up, like it was meant for her. An idol audition, in an area famous for being dangerous, enough that her collaborators refused to go, not willing to get hurt. She however was thrilled by the thrill and potential fame, it was literally perfect for her! It required a partner though, and Stormy knew she didn't have anybody that that'd go with her with no guarantee of succeeding in the audition. Still, she spotted one member in the chat room that she never spoken to before, and sent a request to the chat room, trying to specifically whoever was "Weatherly". While she reasoned she could find some other stranger to work with on Inkolid Plaza if Weatherly didn't agree, not two minutes later did an agreement go through.

And she couldn't believe it, but the two of them managed to succeed. For some reason her new partner was willing to argue with her, not just leave her after the first disagreement! Out of the first time Stormy felt herself passionate with another person rather than just herself came out "Dangerous Water", much more polished than any of her old songs, thanks to Weatherly being weirdly good at mixing and helping provide her own sound and lyrics. She loved it, she was sure her co-host loved it, and she knows the judges loved it, because they are now the idols of Inkolid Plaza, preparing for all their new duties. As glad as she could be to finally be somewhere she believed she always should have been in, in the spotlight, no way did did Stormy plan to mess up and lose her spot. Though she knew she had to keep her co-host with her, not only was she the reason the music cane out better, but Stormy wanted a friend, and a girl that'll stuck with her near Salmonid waters seemed like a good enough option!



Weatherly have always found something to be scared of. She can't help but see the worst in everything, no doubt started by her family who, due to having members who were in the Great Turf War, and never softened up to the world again, always oozed paranoia against everyone. Now separated from them, Weatherly is trying to improve, trying to find the positives, throwing herself into the world with reckless impulsive action. This impulsive behavior tends to paint much of her actions, making her do things she would normally never dream of doing, panicking internally the whole way, but trying to look unmoved.

She knows how to keep a straight face though, which her glasses help out in. She's a Inkling who is determined to push herself, push to talk louder, push to go out with friends for once, push to befriend her new co-host. Certainly, every push doesn't end well, with her inability to understand when it's time to step down and take a breath, but she's trying to learn, trying to make herself brave.

Even music wasn't a comfort at first, but she thinks it's starting to change. She used to compose whatever she was told to, not willing to give any sort of opinion, but now? Now she argues with her new co-host, both unwilling to back down, both pushing and pushing until she takes off her stoic mask. She is still not sure if it's a good thing, but she have never felt so much emotion in her songs before. She have never showed such emotion before.

She is improving. But she still doesn't seem to know the not so scary world may prefer her without her stoic facade.


Stormy is an Inkling hungry to be famous, starving for the attention of the world. Incredibly starry eyed about any famous people, but also stubbornly refusing to make herself similar to them, Stormy is determined to cut her own path and stand among the other musicians of the world. Quite a few years of unpopularity have taken a toll on her however, and any hint of losing her newfound fame and station as an idol is enough to send her into a cold sweat. Truly, she hates to admit it, but she have become insecure over the years, wondering if she'll ever become one of the greats.

Very easily excitable, Stormy has a hard time controlling her emotions, though getting loud and yelling is a very typical reaction from her. She hides nearly nothing and frankly, has no filter nor feels the need to be quiet sometimes. This haven't exactly made her many friends, especially since she feels the need to poke and prod at others until they say what they want to say. Though, now that her co-host is stuck with her, Stormy gleefully unleashes all of her personality onto her, though, every now and then, she can see how freaked out her new friend is, and tries calming down. Sometimes. She's working on it.

She does love the similarities between her and her co-host though. She loves that their both impulsive and do stuff without thinking (though she clearly enjoys the exhilarating parts of their impulsive actions more than her co-host), she loves that when their emotions show it's loud, she loves that they're stubborn, she just loves having a similar friend for once. She is confused about her co-host's fear and stoic facade though. She just doesn't get why her co-host thinks she has to be like that and, currently, she haven't thought to ask. She doesn't tend to think deeply at all, in fact.

Music is her passion, pure and simple. She can't think of doing anything else in her life, even if she have only recently gained some success. She is incredibly stubborn about the types of music she makes though, which is most of the reason she have never had bandmates before. No one felt like arguing with her. Though, right now stuck with a bandmate, she's learning when to give some ground, especially since neither wishes to back down. She finds it exhilarating though.


Stormy's Side

Weatherly's Side



Guitar Bass TBD TBD TBD
Pepper Salt TBD TBD TBD
High Heels Sandals TBD TBD TBD
Phone Laptop TBD TBD TBD


Name Type Musician Vocals Track
Inkolid Plaza News News Jingle Bibi N/A Track
Dangerous Waters Rock and Roll, Electronic TBD Stormy and Weatherly Track
Rising Sun Solo, Rock and Roll TBD Stormy TBD
Clear Skies Tomorrow Solo, Glitch, Techno TBD Weatherly TBD
Beacon Calling Rock and Roll, Glitch [Splatfest] TBD Stormy and Weatherly TBD
Now and Never (Cover) Techno Bibi Weatherly Track (Instrumental)




  • Weatherly mains Brellas for their defensive qualities, though she is very skilled in normal Shooters as well. Stormy instead prefers Sloshers, liking how they let her do anything, from inking turf to splating people easily.
  • The duo each have different music genres they bring to the table. Stormy brought any type of rock music, and while she will bring in random influences from other genres, she will always have rock, while Weatherly tends towards techno, glitch or just lo-fi.
  • Weatherly did not sing before she met Stormy, though it is evident she has a natural talent. Stormy is still teaching her to make songs even better though.
  • Stormy acts as a singer and creates the original instrumentals while Weather mixes and is beginning to sing. Both technically create lyrics together, as both only make good ones when they're together.
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