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Uni and ellie
the sea blossoms are a fanmade idol duo on scratch,one is a fresh dj while the other is a styl'in pop star,they work together to create the sea blossoms

i made them(nicole)

"drop the beat or fall to your feet"

uni and ellie host the news,splatfests and events in inkopolis boardwalk

Uni is 5.99m and 15 years old and is an octoling from tropical islands,her family grew up with a fashion company,she is very shy and has a hard time making friends.Uni has purple hair and bangs that cover her eyes sometimes,she always wears a teal sweater with paint stains on it.she wears black leggings and pink shoes and pink tie in her hair that matches.

Ellie is 4.56m 17 and is a squid who grew up in new sardine,she was chosen to be an idol and her talents were recognized by the squid sisters.she was given the role of choosing a co worker and when she went to where uni lived,she saw her perform a song and made her do it with her.Ellie has yellow hair and triangular bangs.she wears a yellow crop top and a pink sweater and yellow leggings.she also wears blue boots.her skin is a tan shade and ALWAYS wears a ponytail

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most of the stuff i do and have will be on scratch not here like the music,splatfests and more!(i cant put my art here cause i made on scratch so im making new)

music (i vocalize all of them and im going to redo them cause i really messed up a few)

  • Reef barrier Ellie's solo
  • reef news sea blossoms
  • now or never ft.sea blossoms
  • splat mess sea blossoms
  • shoot down sea blossoms
  • ocean nights sea blossoms
  • time wave sea blossoms
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Uni's side ellie's side time winner loser

  • butterflies vs bees June 17 N/A N/A
  • cheesecake vs apple pie N/A N/A N/A
  • artificial vs natural N/A N/A N/A
  • truth vs dare N/A N/A N/A
  • black paint vs white paint N/A N/A N/A



Ellie grew up in new sardine with her mom and dad,she was an only child and was known for being very talented at singing thus her parents got her a gig at the local Fri-coral- an very popular shopping center and performed there every night.Ellie was (and still is) very impatient so she likes to read to take her mind of that.and 13 and a half her


talents were recognized by the squid sisters,she was given the duty to find a co host but after a year she had a terrible fight with an octarian and lost her memory,so off the hook had to take her place.Ellie was constantly sick and had to take therapy and go to the hospital often.She also got frustrated when she didn't understand something and got destructive.luckly she never hurt anyone.2 years later she was starting to heal and get her memories back and her parents were so happy they chipped in and bought her a month long trip to the tropics.


Uni grew up in tropical islands,ever since she was little,she liked to be left out of group activities,since her parents were supportive and knew that if she ever wanted to participate she would.Uni spent most of her child hood on the beach near her families bungalow,there her father had built her a lil' club house,there she liked to sit and remix music and watch octotube. She had a very large fan-base and her remixes were very popular.If someone teased her because of how tall she was,she would punch them,not hard enough to do any damage,but hard enough to warn them


to back she was 11 she started to loosen up and make a few friends.she decided that she wanted to dj at a show that they threw on the island every month.when she was 15 she had came out her shell and became very popular,her parents helped her often if she had a problem and Uni grew to having her own radio station and she performed on her beach to the local every night.

how they met

Uni was performing one night when Ellie came to watch,Ellie was very surprised and confused at why such a tall but young girl could have so mush talent,after the show,Ellie stayed to watch the ocean,she saw Uni's little clubhouse and went inside and started looking around.Uni at the time had went home and changed,she asked her parents if she could go see if something was wrong with her speakers.As she went into her clubhouse she saw Ellie and was very upset and punched her.Ellie was so terrified that she froze Uni who had gotten over the shock asked her if she was


okay Ellie who was still scared said "you are a good DJ"Uni was shocked by the answer asked if she wanted to come to her house for some tea.Ellie agreed and went inside.Ellie explained about why she had been in there and about how she was sick.Uni asked if she could do anything to make her feel better and Ellie asked if she would come to inkopolis to host the news.Uni agreed and asked her parents,the whole time Ellie was there,she hung out with Uni and they became fast friends.

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