"Forward with a crab party!"

Sea Claws is a fan duo, created by cataiq and Funny Mary.They host the News and announce Splatfests in Orderpolis.



Kara is a 20 year old cuttlefish(Sepia bandensis), with an abnormal high growth of 177 cm, for her species.Her tentacles, which are snow white with a cornflower blue tinge at the ends and light blue stripes, are very long and tied in a large bows on the sides of her head, leaving the ends to dangle.Her skin is often depicted as almost paper-white, sometimes with cornflower-blue fingertips.Kara has mint eyes are with square pupils, right one is almost covered by a long bang.

Stripes on her tentacles disappear, when Kara is shocked or scared.

During the Orderpolis news, Kara is dressed in a black zipper long-sleeve suit.On the front are three same cornflower blue marks, as the Squid Sisters, and from above two white collars with a gradient to cornflower blue.On Kara's legs are white stockings and black boots with a cornflower blue platform, on the sides of which there is a white wavy line.

Her casual clothes, which she wore while on the Coast in story mode, consists of black sweater with a lilac stripe, white shorts with pale cornflower blue pockets, which she wears over lilac tights with cornflower blue and white stripes.As a necklace, Kara wears a black choker with a small blue squid.Her casual shoes are white sneakers with blue sole.

During many splatfests, Kara is dressed in a black dress with a long slit skirt. The collar of the dress in the shape of an inverted triangle is painted in cornflower blue color.As shoes on Kare long black boots with high heels.During their performances at splatfest, Kara often has ear piercings.


Ovie is a 18 year old sea slug(Costasiella kuroshimae), she is very low, only 144 cm.Her hairstyle consists of many small black leaves with green tips, that can glow in the dark, she also has two long leaves, almost reaching the floor.Her purple ears are thin and have a gradient to dark purple at the tips.She's original skin color is almost paper-white, but is more often depicted as light beige with big pink-red cheks.Ovie's eyes are black, the right one is covered with white bang.

Ovie's outfit during the news is similar to Kara's one.She wears same black zipper suit with emerald marks, but her colars do not have a gradient.Instead of shorts on Ovie, a black skirt knee-high.On her legs are white stockings and white boots with a small emerald platform and a black wavy lines, have the opposite color of Kara's ones.

Ovie's casual wear is pretty simple, it's a black warm long-sleeve sweater, an emerald skirt and brown lace-up boots.

During some splatfest, Ovie's outfit is similar to Kara's splatfest outfit.The only difference is that the cornflower blue is replaced by an emerald and the slit on the skirt is more modest.



From the very beginning, Kara and Ovie did not live in Inkopolis.They did not know each other outside this city. The future duet met at one of the talent contests. It turned out that they have many common interests. After they became friends, they began to attend contests together. After a year of friendship, Ovie and Kara formed duet.

After the final splatfest, the city was subject to destruction by the chaos team.When Inkopolis was almost destroyed, it was decided to expel them.Great excitement began, the city needed to be urgently restored.The order team and at that time unknown to anyone Sea Claws voluntarily become volunteers and helped to rebuild the city.They became known as Agent 9 and Agent 10.

There were no more duets in the city, so Kara and Ovie were appointed to this position.This happened not only because of their good music, but also because of their merits.


Kara was born near Inkopolis, but when she was about 10 years old, her parents gave her in the care of aunt, living in this big city, as they wanted a better future for their daughter.The desire of Kara's parents was her admission to the Inkblot Art Academy, but she's soul was drawn to music and later to singing after Kara learned about her aunt's vocal past.She's aunt did not doubt that her niece should study at a music school when Kara made the first version of Splat for Me, and after admission, she began spending almost all her free time there.At an early age, Kara had a very good skill and ability to wield several musical instruments, but still Kara prefer the violin.A few years later, she began to take part in music contests, at one of such she met Ovie.


Ovie was born in Ovkago, and after entering fifth grade with good grades, she moved to study in Ovocity, and later to Inkopolis, where she remained.Ovie was optimistic until the cats killed her parents, she got scared and ran away when she saw this, but soon found guardians.Growing up, she learned to sing and met Kara at a music competition in which she participated for the first time.



Kara is a very lively person, singing helps her express all those emotions that can interfere with she's life.She has a lot of emotions, her voice is bright and loud.During performances, Kara is very energetic, sometimes giving in to a childish feelings, she can even do something special, like a gesture addressed to the viewers.Some infantility remained in she, although it seems that Kara, on the contrary, is pensive and calm.Kara is actually not an strong extrovert at all, she’s just pretty blithesome.

She was carefree and too infantile in childhood, therefore parents tried to raised her strictly, which led to the fact that Kara's independent life began too early, .Before moving to Inkopolis, she had very little knowledge. For her, it was something new to understand out that there were other species, and even when she met Ovie, Kara's surprise did not end.When Kara takes off her "pink glases", she can be rude and serious, Kara is often strict when it comes to problems.Despite her energetic nature, Kara is inclined to think and make informed decisions.She is responsible and takes work seriously, unlike Ovie, and also devotes a lot of time to any occupation.

Starting to make music, Kara did not think that she would be able to become someone significant at some point. She respects her fans and almost always smiles, this is really a true smile.


Ovie is very cunning and smiling. She is much more "restrained" than Kara. She likes to make fun of some.At first glance it seems that she is not 18. She has a bunch of ways to make a "nasty" surprise, especially on April 1st. Under Kara, she does not do so in order not to ruin friendship. With people, she is smiling and thoughtful, with enemies, she is evil and makes very offensive jokes.


Name State Singer Type Link
Splat for Me! maybe Kara and Ovie Main song ok...
Orderpolis news yes - News jingle nein
??? hm Ovie Ovie's solo !
Fell our Colors yea Kara and Ovie Plaza theme
The Melancholy Storm yea Kara Kara's solo

Official Art

Fan Art


  • Kara's bd is a 30th of November, and Ovie's bd is a 2th of December
  • Their names do not understand English speakers
    • They were formed from the Russian names of Cuttlefish and Sheep.
  • There is speculation that Kara's aunt is one of the old Cuttlefish duo found in the Octo Expansion.
  • Kara mains any brushes, while Ovie mains shooters.

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