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Senbonzakura is a band created by Nuzelight. The band is mainly inspired by traditional geishas, shrine maidens, and maiko. The band consists of three Cuttleings named Zakura, Hina, and Hanami and an Inkling named Ayame. They play traditional japanese music with traditional Japanese instruments in the city of Sakuranbo, a city and capital visited for its cherry blossom trees.

Members of Senbonzakura


Zakura is the third oldest of the group, as she is 24-years-old. She is the founder of Senbonzakura. She mainly plays the shamisen and is one of the vocalists. She works as a geisha and mainly entertains Inklings, Octolings, etc. with poetry, but she also entertains them with dance and song. She isn’t seen on the streets of Sakuranbo like her fellow band mates. In Senbonzakura, she works in making sure they all look pretty and have makeup on, the makeup role shared by Hina, and that they all sing the right notes and make sure they dance correctly when in public.


Hanami is the oldest of the group since she is 25-years-old. She is the co-founder and one of the vocalists of Senbonzakura. She mainly plays the biwa. She has been working as a geisha for a three years, mainly entertaining Octolings. She entertains people with music and storytelling and can be usually seen walking around the streets of Sakuranbo with an oil-paper umbrella. In Senbonzakura, she makes their kimonos and helps with their hair. That is shared by Senbonzakura’s hairstylist that is a Pink Cuttleing. She trains Ayame to become a geisha.


Hina is the third oldest of the group since she is 23-years-old. She is one of the vocalists. She has recently become shrine maiden. She is one of the vocalists for Senbonzakura and plays the hyōshigi, though she isn’t that good at it. She mainly pops up in local festivals across Sakuranbo and plays her instrument with pride while doing the sacred kagura dance. In Senbonzakura, she works to paint the band mates makeup and sometimes styles their kimonos.


Ayame is the youngest of the group since she is 19. She is one of the vocalists. She is training to be a geisha since she is currently a maiko. She plays the shakuhachi. She usually does traditional dances on the streets with many other maikos. Her role in Senbonzakura isn’t very clear, but it has been said that she creates the lyrics to their music. She is mainly seen around Hanami due to her watching how to be like a geisha.


  • Their band name, Senbonzakura, means ‘thousand cherry trees’ in Japanese.
  • Their names all mean flower/plants.
  • Zakura’s name can also be spelled as Sakura, meaning cherry blossoms in Japanese.
  • Ayame was originally going to be a Pink Cutteling so they would be an all-Cutteling band.
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