Shark Bait is the double octoling idol group of Splat2D. It consists of Clam, an energetic octo who's ready to party, and Shell, a calmer octo who like to take things slow. They both enjoy each other's company

Personalities and Outfits


Shell is a calm octoling with blue ink. She wears her hair in a ponytail and she wears a microphone on her face. Shell's idol outfit has a tank top with a sun on it just like Clam. She has white shorts with lace leggings. Shell also has dark blue boots and a white choker. Shell also wears white bracelets on her wrists. Shell has a more laid back and calm personality compared to her partner Clam. She's very laid back and doesn't worry that much. She likes slower paced songs and appreciates her partner Clam.


Clam is much more outgoing than Shell. Unlike other octolings Clam has 5 tentacles. 3 of them slope down infront of her face while the others hang down and sometimes goes over her shoulders. Clam wears a tank top just like Shell does and shares the microphone on her face. Clam has white cat ears over her tentacles. She wears a white skirt with a pink stripe though the middle. Clam has long socks and magenta shoes. She loves fast songs and dancing with Shell.


The history is not decided yet but when it is I will upload it for you!

Other information

Why they became idols

Clam met Shell 4 years before they formed Shark Bait. Clam had a love of dancing while Shell loved singing. They thought forming a duo and trying to win the news contest for Inkopolis Hub would be a good start. Clam and Shell did their first song at the performance and ended up winning. They decided to get a designer for outfits.

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