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ShellFire is a fan made splatoon band created by Spunk.ER

This group, ShellFire, is an indie rock band in the splatoon universe. Playing in underground alleyways with other indie bands, as well with posting their music on the internet.

Band Members

Fuyo (付与)

He is a 25 year old sea anemone that does the bass and is often joked to be the adult figure of the group. Mostly because of how he's more responsible and calmer. Normally, he doesn't talk much even during practice or on stage and can be intimidating sometimes if you think about it too much.

Taba (タバ)

she is a very energetic inkling and has a strong love for music with her being the keyboardist and synthesizer. Only being 19 at this time, she has become the most beloved in her group as well with being the youngest. Her hobby's consist of her singing or dancing (having a small passion to dance) but is too shy too.

Okashi (おかし)

Okashi is as energetic as Taba but is not very...smart and sometimes spaces out during practice or in general. When shooting the picture he had forgotten his wristband and was made fun of later on after finding it in his bag. Even so, he is very good at singing and playing the guitar/drumming but mostly uses the drum. He is the lead singer with the rest of the group being backup singers during a specific song.

Official Art

Shell fire album.png

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