Shimmering light

"Don't let the darkness swallow you, Let the light guide you!"

shimmer Light is a fan made idol duo made by Evebloom based on splatoon.

Gold is a inkling while Pastel is octoling.



Gold is 16 years old 4'7"


She has Brown hair, Which is in pigtails With golden highlights. And a fringe.

she wears a light yellow dress overall hoodie and an A printed on the top. She wears a baby yellow t-shirt with a golden cat on it. She wears golden stockings with cats on it and and Brown boots with A on it.

She has a golden glowing kitty crown on her head. (not sure to make it a real glowing kitty)

She has golden kitty whiskers on her cheeks.

She has golden eye.

She has One fang on top and two fangs on the bottom.


Pastel is 20 years old 5'1"

Dark fair skin

Pastel has baby blue hair and mint highlights.

She has baby blue overalls with a pocket on it. Light pink See-through Neck top.Has mint stockings and light pink boots With P printed on it. And a white shimmering star necklace.

She has glowing horns on her head.

She has light pink, baby blue and mint freckles.

She has mint eyes.

She has one a fang in the middle top of her teeth and one fang on the right side of her bottom teeth.

Golds History

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Gold was born into a rich family on Shimmering shore. She's an inkling.

She always Idolised Idols from afar and upfront. So she started singing, her heart out until everyone's eyes could hear them sing her terrible beautiful singing.

She wanted to specialise in singing and Learning to disc jockey.

She was not very shy as you can see so she always sang for no reason and was basically telling everyone they're below her even in singing. She was a jerk. But to be popular she has to change her ways.

But looks like she's becoming famous despite her being a jerk. so now she's going to apply to the Idolise your future This is just for choosing the next idols. So she entered. And was definitely going to be the next idol.

but there needs to be two idols. So either she likes it or not she has to be with the next idol too. She ended up with Pastel which isn't so bad.

Doesn't her life sound perfect.

Pastels past

Pastel nobody knows where and how she came to Shimmering shore. She's an octoling.

Nobody knows if she has any relatives or family here, she's just there.

But Pastel always wanted to be an idol since she came to shimmering shore.

Pastel specialise in singing and classical (piano, violin that stuff)

She entered Idolise your future, She made it through. Now she's partnered up with Gold.

Nothing else really to say here.

Shimmering light

Pastel and Gold are just pretty new so they don't have much stuff done yet. They decided to be called shimmering light. (because shimmering shore). They actually get along pretty well, Pastel helps Gold to not be a snotty jerk and it helps a bit. Gold helps Pastel not to be an outcast. Pretty rude.

But they are doing great so far with the idol stuff but not the songs so much.

That's all for now.


  • I'll be editing some bits later my battery is about to run out.
  • The picture has changed so did the story's.
  • Gold's A chain was originally supposed to be her name Amy but I changed it.
  • Pastels name was originally Eve, but pastel sounded cooler
  • Golds A on her overalls just stand for animal because she likes cats.
  • Or course I'll be changing this again I'm not the best at this but I hope you like the changes.

Thanks for reading

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