"May the light illuminate your path."

Silent Light are a duo made by Nuzelight. The duo consists of Nova, a firefly squid, and Nebula, a glowing sucker octopus. They host splatfests and news in Raiingu, a city populated by mostly bioluminescent species and known for how dark it is. They are sometimes accompanied by Nebula’s sister, Luna.

About the Members

Nova and Nebula come from different places, with Nova coming from Furoida, a place known for its flowers that grow around its outskirts, and Nebula coming from Raiingu, a place that is semi-famous for how dark it is and how the majority of the population are bioluminescent. Though the two come from different places, they get along together quite well and share many different things from where they come from.

Nebula comes from Raiingu. Raiingu is mostly populated with bioluminescent Inklings, Octolings, and more. He is mostly known for his failing acting career, but is still well respected, often out of pity for him. He is a photographer for his sisters company, Photo Phinish and sometimes is in shots when his sister takes the photos. In an interview, he stated that he loved being recognized for his music and not his failing acting career. He jokes about Nova‘s old video account, much to Nova’s annoyance. He has a sister named Luna that sometimes accompanies the two.

Nova comes from Furoida, a big tourist attraction because of its beautiful flowers. She thinks of herself as a nobody before she joined Silent Light, and feels like the popularity is overwhelming but fun since she’s being noticed. She was a small video creator under the name of ’Sciscisci’ (Seh-she-she) and only gaining 100 to 150 views. She has deactivated her account since she had gotten popular and is embarrassed about having the account.

Loona is Nebula’s older sister and his legal guardian. When she still lived with her then-alive parents, she lived in Asherah Anchor. She moved and took Nebula with her and became his legal guardian. While she does not consider herself an official member of Silent Light, she creates the music for them. She is also credited as the one who had brought Nova and Nebula to fame.


The creation of Silent Light all started with Nova’s journey to a ‘glowing city.’ While Nova was talking with one of her friends about Furoida, one of her friends had shifted the subject to a glowing city her mother had visited, and this caught Nova’a attention. The city was supposedly dark with glowing rocks, people, and more. Nova proclaimed that she would find the city, and her friends took it as a joke. However, the next day, Nova had said goodbye to her friends and family and headed out to find the city. It was a long journey, and it took longer than Nova expected because of how dark it was, with only a little bit of light in her path. But once she had seen a big, glowing tower she felt like she had arrived at the city.

Nova met Nebula when Nebula was walking out of a studio with glowing flowers and rocks growing around it. Nova talked to him and Nebula understood a bit of it since his sister had taught him a bit of the Inkling language when he was little. His sister, Loona, had come out of the studio with photos in her hands and welcomed Nova to Raiingu. Luna knew the Inkling language quite well and introduced her younger brother to Nova. Nova and Nebula instantly hit it off due to where they came from. Nebula was interested on the flowers of Furoida and Nova was interested on the glowing rocks and flowers of Raiingu. They shared many interests like having a like for history, video making, and more. But, most importantly, dancing and singing, the things that would start their duo of Silent Light.

Nebula had walked in on Nova dancing in his sisters studio. Loona had been recording and singing the lyrics to the song Nova was dancing to and stopped when Nebula came into the studio. Nova stopped abruptly once she had heard Nebula ask her what song she was dancing to. Loona answered for her, saying that it was the Squid Sisters ‘Calamari Inkantation’, only it being a calm remix that Loona had made. Nebula stepped forward and took Nova’s hand. The two started dancing and Loona started the music again. Once they had finished the two laughed and smiled. Loona secretly uploaded the video and it gained tons of views, mainly from Nova’s friends and family who were worried about her. They became popular, and the city of Raiingu had gotten even more popular as well with more visitors coming.

Soon, the city of Raiingu had been introduced to the concept of splatfests from a few visitors who were wondering about if they had any. Many people had wanted a splatfest and the population wanted Nova and Nebula to host them due to them making Raiingu more noticed. Nova and Nebula were both reluctant, but Loona convinced the two. Weeks later, Raiingu was informed that Nova and Nebula, now known as Silent Light, would host their splatfests and news. They made their first song titled ‘Hello Starlight.’



Nebula clocks in at 5’7” and is based off the Stauroteuthis Syrtensis. He has olive skin and has semi-light blue hair with blue fading into it. He also has light blue diamonds on his hair which often illuminate a light blue light. His hair is shaped to look like a crescent moon, matching his moon motif. He has yellow eyes with a crescent moon pupil.

His outfit consists of a long-sleeved purple overcoat with dark purple triangles at the end of the sleeves. The back has two splits that curve at the ends. The splits are each outlined with a lavender and has a magenta covering the center of it. It has a yellow crescent moon. It also has a big light blue diamond that illuminates light. The overcoat also features diamonds and circles that light up. His collar is made up of six grey diamonds. His shirt is a dark magenta and has a blue diamond in the center. It has a crescent yellow moon on the back and contains serval diamonds that light up. He has black jeans with a dark teal color on the ends of it. His shoes are a grey color.


Nova clocks in at 5’3” and is based off the Watasenia Scintillians. She has very fair skin and has a very light orchid hair color with pink tips. She also has yellow freckles around her eyes, arms, and hands. She also has crescent moons and diamonds that illuminate a yellow glow. Her hair is shaped to look like the sun, matching her sun motif. She has green eyes with a kelp-like pupil.

Her outfit consists of a violet dress with exposed shoulders that reveal the sleeves of her green undershirt. She has a big yellow diamond that radiates a yellow light. Her sleeves also have yellow radiating diamonds. She has a hot pink sash with a small bow on the back. The bottom part of her dress illuminates yellow and it also has multiple glowing stars. Her dress also has a split just like Nebula’s. Her splits are lighter variants of Nebula’s.

Song Names

Song Name Type Singer
Hello Starlight First Song Nova/Nebula
Mild Calamari Inkantation Famed Song, Remix Nova/Nebula, partially Loona
My Shining Star Solo Nova
Moonlit Balcony Solo Nebula
Starstruck Second Song Nova/Nebula


  • Nebula’s place of origin, Raiingu is ’lightnight’ with words taken out in Japanese.
  • Nova was originally going to have Nebula’s species and vice versa.
  • They were originally going to have a day/night aesthetic before being changed to a star and moon aesthetic.
  • Loona’s name was originally spelled Luna.
  • Nova’s channel name Sciscisci is made up of the first three letters in the last word of her species, Scintillians.
  • The names Nova and Nebula were requested by Meringuepie and Loona’s name was requested by The Rainbow Plumbob. Additionally, their names are based off the words supernova and nebula.
  • Nebula was an introvert personality.
  • Nova has an extroverted personality.
  • Their solos were originally going to be Fly Me To The Moon(Nebula) and Moon River(Nova).
  • Nova’s color palette is based off Nebula’s.
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