"Till the winds take over, stay by the fire"

Snow-Light Stars is a project created by Veemy Productions based off of the splatoon game franchise and are voiced by both her and Agent 9

Sonoua is an inkling, while Faye is an octoling



Sonoua is a 17 year old inkling who's 5'5" she has primarily white tentacles with blue tips, she wears a purple hoodie and pants with blue accents, she also wears purple pants with white shoes and blue fluff. She has yellow eyes.

the tips of her tentacles change depending on ink color.


Faye is a 5'0" 16 year old Octoling with primarily black tentacles with purple tips. She wears a blue hoodie dress with purple accents, she also wears white pants and blue shoes with purple fluff. She has green eyes

the tips of her tentacles change color depending on ink color.


Some time after the events of splatoon 2 a small community of inklings and octolings was found in the Inkopolis alpines, the town lacked many modern conveniences and was running low on food and supplies.

A group of inkling and octoling volunteers amd workers built a city for the small community, the city was dubbed Snow Bank after the name of the original community.

17 years before the City was built Sonoua was born, throughout childhood she was always dancing and singing, and just trying to get attention.

Sonoua met Faye while they were scavenging for food, whilest on that mission they began singing on of the few songs they knew (Calamari Inkantation) and soon became quite close, so when the city of Snowbank began looking for a duo to do splatfests they tried out and actually got the gig and are now Snow Bank's first idols.



Sonoua is an energetic bubbly inkling who loves attention, as soon as she was able to she learned how to play piano, which lead to her getting the gig of hosting splatfests, she's easily manipulated due to basically only talking to the same few people every day up until recently. She idolizes the Squid Sisters and adores the internet.


Faye is much calmer then Sonoua, but can still get pointlessly excited over things that are new to her, she is skeptical about many things and is not easily manipulated, she is extremely stubborn and a sore loser. She hates the spotlight her new job brings, but she's happy to do something with her best friend.


Sonoua is a dualie squeatcher main, but will, without fail, dodge roll off the stage at least once a match.

Faye has blocked so many websites so thay Sonoua doesn't get scammed, but that has only worked a total of 50% of the time

Faye is a charger main, and is normally the only competent one on the team when she plays turf

Sonoua and Faye is a  portmanteau of snowflake

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