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Squid Culture is a fanmade idol duo based on the game Splatoon. The idols were created by Raining13. They host the news and announce Splatfests in Inkopolis Center. Tem is an octoling and Purah is an inkling.



Tem is a 24-year-old, 5'6 (1.7m) octoling with short, magenta tentacles, which are often flipped upward of their own accord. He has wide eyes with sharp, deep purple eyelashes, purple irises, and horizontal, pale purple pupils. He has two fangs on the top row of his teeth and a beak-like central fang on the bottom row. His skin is a medium brown.

During a Splatfest, Tem's tentacles change to match the color of his Splatfest team. His default ink color is magenta.


Purah is a 25-year-old, 5'3 (1.6m) inkling with short, green tentacles, which are swept to the side and tied in a ponytail behind her head. She has narrow eyes with two sharp, dark green eyelashes on each, as well as orange irises and yellow pupils shaped like diamonds. She has two fangs on the top row of her teeth and a beak-like central fang on the bottom row. Her skin is a light cream color.

During a Splatfest, Purah's tentacles change to match the color of her Splatfest team. Her default ink color is lime green.


Name Type Musician Vocals Listen
Inkopolis News News Jingle Rain N. Thirteen None TBA
Here We Go... Splatfest Battle Start Rain N. Thirteen None TBA
Current Events Splatfest Battle Rain N. Thirteen Rain N. Thirteen TBA
Sea Lion Bite Splatfest Battle Rain N. Thirteen Rain N. Thirteen TBA
Now or Never! Splatfest 1 Minute Left Rain N. Thirteen Rain N. Thirteen TBA
Win Win Win! Splatfest Won Rain N. Thirteen Rain N. Thirteen TBA
Pop! Ultra Blast Purah's Solo Rain N. Thirteen Rain N. Thirteen TBA


Tem Ashi grew among octarian society but ran away from his parents at a young age and joined a group of young octarians who called themselves Takoraid. Their harsh punk and metal beats broke away from stereotypical octarian music, which inspired Tem to become a punk rock songwriter. He wrote and performed for Takoraid for three years, providing both his voice and his growing guitar skills. He heard the Calamari Inkantation late one night and decided to make a run for Inkopolis, hoping to start a career as a songwriter.

Purah Ika is Shiri's older sibling. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a songwriting career, thanks to both her singing and piano-playing talents. She gladly did so but found right away that, although her voice sounded great, she came up short in the songwriting field. Not giving up, she began training up for Turf Wars, seeking to find anyone who could write songs as well as she could sing them.

Purah came across Tem as more and more octolings made their way into Inkopolis. Tem was quick to jump at a chance to show off his songwriting ability and the two began producing music together. Their style is a mix of ska, punk rock, and jazz, combining together into something altogether unique and interesting. From there, they put out album after album, earning them a position as Inkopolis Center's designated news anchors.



Tem retains an aura of confidence, instilled in him by his peers from Takoraid. He is an introvert at heart but is charming and charismatic when he needs to be. Off-camera, he can come off as a bit shy, but those who truly know him will find that he is just as charming in real life as he is on the news. Purah often teases him for being a bit airheaded.


Purah has always been optimistic, outgoing, and loud, though she can come off as a bit rash at times. She says whatever is on her mind at the moment, no matter how outrageous it may be. Still, she's a sweetheart at her core and an empathetic one at that. Tem often notes how quick she is to tears, as well as her know-it-all nature.


Tem's Side Purah's Side Art Winner Dates
Spring Autumn
1 - Spring VS Autumn
Autumn Friday, June 26 12:00 AM - Sunday, June 28 11:59 PM PST
Drawing Writing
2 - Drawing VS Writing
Writing Friday, July 10 12:00 AM - Sunday, July 12 11:59 PM PST

Splatfests take place on the Inkopolis Center Official Discord.

Official Art


Concept art from September 2019, along with members of AmpShiri.

1 - Official Art

Spring VS. Autumn

2 - Official Art

Drawing VS. Writing


  • Their names "Tem" and "Purah" are a portmanteau for "tempura."
    • Their Japanese names are "天" and "ぷら" (Ten / Pura), taken straight from "tempura."
    • Their Chinese names are "成熟" and "幼稚" (Chéngshú / Yòuzhì), meaning "mature" and "childish" respectively.
    • Their last names, "Ashi" and "Ika," mean "tentacle" and "squid" respectively. They are also a portmanteau for "ashika" or "sea lion," referring to one of their songs, "Sea Lion Bite."
  • Purah mains Dualies and Rollers, while Tem mains Shooters and Chargers.
  • Tem uses He/They pronouns, while Purah uses She/They pronouns.
  • As revealed by the Drawing VS. Writing Splatfest art, Purah is left handed.
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