“Fly High” -Aqua and Isabella . Aqua and Isabella are a idol duo with an aquatic octoling and A flaming octoling together they are Starship Sisters!



Aqua is an Aquatic octoling girl with the original octoling girl hair with blue hair ,blue eyes , a pale skin. She has a blue dress with a top and the top has blue lines in it,she has a blue skirt with blue lines on it too. She a cape that are shaped like wings but not real wings...

Isabella Isabella is a flaming octoling girl with the octoling girl ponytail she has red eyes , Red hair ,red eyes , and also has a pale skin. She might look evil but she’s nice. She has a orange top with a red line and a skirt with a red line. She also has a cape but orange and red wings who still aren’t real. Personality Aqua About aqua she’s quite happy and cheerful. More coming soon!!

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