"Be A Star!"

Sunset Starfish are a duo by two girls named Zoey and Amy. Amy is on the right and Zoey is on the left. They have been a duo for 3 years.

They are both Inklings.


Zoey is a shy inkling who secretly loves fashion and grew up in Tentacle City. She is also 17 years old (1 year younger then Amy). Zoey was the smart quiet kid in school and mostly got A+ Grades, She got a job at McSquiddies by being a cashier. She didn’t feel like that was her dream job after a while and quit. Her stepsister Amy one day asked to create a duo after she found out Zoey LOVES Music, so Zoey agreed. Then they formed Sunset Starfish and moved to Inkopolis City.


Amy is energetic, quirky, and not afraid to hide anything. (Pretty much the opposite of her stepsister.) She grew up in Tentacle City And is now 18 years old. Amy liked to talk in class and usually got a C- or less. When she was done with school she got a job at WalBart and was a cashier. not so long after she got fired so her stepsister usually gave her a portion of the money she got, After Zoey quit she found out Zoey loved music more then her (Which she thought was impossible at the time,) So then she asked Zoey if they could form a duo. Zoey agreed and they formed Sunset Starfish and moved to Inkopolis City.

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