"What a world to think, if it was swim or sink!"

Swim N' Sink is a male idol duo group made by ReverseSoul, who are future hosts of Splatfests and the honor of doing news of Sailfin Central. They're not too known around their city, but they sell at least 100 copies per album.



Oke has nearly long orange hair with blue pigment and green eyes. He wears a blue overcoat with a fake green ink splat on the back over an orange sweater with blue shorts and matching boots. His ears are slightly big, and he never admits it. He's 23.


Anos has short and symmetrical yellow hair with green pigment and teal eyes. He wears a sleeveless yellow shirt with a fake blue ink splat on the front with green knee-length pants and matching sneakers. He is noticeably shorter than Oke. He's 22.



Oke is a bit of a nostalgic music fan who finds himself humming a new song everyday. He's also a workaholic when he's well, working. He's happy to collaborate with anyone and everyone, managing to squeeze things into his schedules.


Anos is a little snarky and usually does the opposite one would expect him do for kicks. He's secretly a kleptomaniac and hordes a lot of stuff in his apartment, and finds interest in secret cabinets and compartments.



Oke was operating a machine used for his old career silently, and was nearly enjoyed the hum of the machine, until he realized it was nearly making a tune. He hummed it a little every now and then, and decided to do something about it when he realized he was thinking about the song again. He looked around on forums on how to make music, what was music and feelings of music. He used this odd ancient-like technology called a 'famitracker' to create short songs and produced them off the top of his head. He uploaded his music to the media and had a small follower base, until he changed his status to 'wanting to make a band lol'. That sparked a specific Inkling named Anos' attention, and after a long night of replying, waiting and calling, Swim N' Sink was formed at 3 AM.


Anos was a peculiar Inkling with cleverly malicious intent, knowing that if you wanted the world, it had to be earned. He was a part-time thief as his only way of getting paid, and would end every night just gazing at the sky. He didn't know how to earn the world's trust. Did he have to safe the city from being bombed? Sabotage an event and prevent it to seem like a hero? Eventually, he bought a computer and wandered around the glory of the internet, only to see some stranger wanting to start a career of music and dancing. Unsure of any other choics, he seized the opportunity and was handed Oke's trust, until Anos realized he couldn't just cheese world domination. He had to participate, sing, write lyrics like it was a real job. He succumbed to this and forgot about wanting the world. He wanted to fill the world with song.


  • Oke and Anos' name combined is Okeanos, or ωκεανός (Okeanós) , which means 'Ocean' in Greek.
  • Oke nicknames Anos 'Limonade Head', because his color scheme is yellow and green.
  • Oke was planned to be a Bigfin squid since I got the names mixed up, but they're scary.
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