"Don't say goodbye, say SxBy!"

SxBy (Pronounced Squii-bi), is a four member band that often plays in the underground scene, rather than release albums to the wider public. Helmed by Tenk, and filled by members Anan, Byst, and Idae, the four long term friends seek to express themselves without needed to conform to trends or sign contracts. This is reflected in the varied sound of their music, ranging from trance, to lo-fi, to high energy synth pop.

Their band colors are white and green, representing the seafoam that crashes against mossy shores with every wave.



Tenk is the founding member of the band, as he came up with the idea after witnessing the Great Zapfish's first return to Inkopolis. He had formed bonds with net friends prior to this, all with musical inclinations, and urged them to all meet up and form an underground band.

Tenk is 17, the second youngest member of the band, and the lead vocalist. He does not play any instrument, but does the mixing and PR for the band. He's very cheerful, the face of the band among the fans. He always opens his shows with high energy, and closes them out with the band's catchphrase.


Anan is the second member of the band. She knew Tenk the longest out of the three and prides herself in being the first to officially join.

Anan is 20, the oldest member of the band, and is the bass player, and also provides secondary vocals. She tends to seem standoffish, but around her friends and fellow band members, she's quite friendly. She is also the self proclaimed 'chef' of the band, often cooking meals for their after shows or meetups.


Byst is the third member of the band, but the last to officially join. They came to know Tenk through Anan after she introduced them after the Great Zapfish disappeared. It was a way for Byst to keep their mind off the situation with a new friend.

Byst is 19, the second oldest member of the band, and is the Synth player. Depending on the song or set, Byst uses a range of instruments. So far they've played a keyboard (the most common), a synth pad, and a soundboard. They wear a mask, as they dislike their nose and mouth. They're laid back and quiet, but aren't afraid to speak their mind if they see fit.


Idae is the fourth member of the band, and the third to officially join. He met Tenk soon after Anan met him, and often messaged him with beat samples, even before the idea of a band ever came up.

Idae is 11, the youngest member of the band, and as he is so young, his humanoid form hasn't settled in yet. He has enough control of his limbs to play the drums, but sometimes he'll just use a drum box instead. He's the tech head of the group, often arranging the stage effects before shows and testing them at home on a miniature level. He talks quite a lot, but not as much as to become too annoying or overwhelming.


Ttile Description Vocals? Link
Dreaming You EP Sample A small sample of their EP, Dreaming You. The first track the band uploaded. Tenk [1]
Dreaming You EP Track 1 Track one of the EP, Dreaming You. The song shares it's name with the album.

"A song about dreaming, and a song about you. Life goes by quick if you have your eyes closed."

Tenk [2]


  • The band members' all have something to do with their species. Tenk's name comes from a misspelling of the word tentacle, as he is a squid. Anan's name comes from the Hindu deity of Nagas, Anantheshesha. Byst's name comes from the family of axolotls; Ambystomatidae, and Idae's comes from the scientific name for pufferfish; Tetraodontidae.
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