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TentaTerra is a Funk/Dance Pop idol duo, created by kimsangie. They broadcast their news through multiple Inklish TV stations, their shows being recorded in the distance from Pantano Boulevard; TentaTerra provides the most important news and announcements in the actuality of Inkopolis City, after Kai'Za retired. The members of this duo are Shai (JP - セン / Sen), a Lepuling, and Ne (JP - トラフ / Torafu), a Cuttlefish. Their music is a contrast between the Inklish and Lepulish cultures.





The small and energetic Shai is known for being a whole box of surprises; From knowing how to compose a song to being able to repair all kinds of any weapon, this young Lepuling has stood out for being amazing doing anything. Her thin and sweet voice gives a humorous touch to the bad jokes that she usually spends to the audience, and despite her friendly face and tender composure, Shai can become your worst nightmare if she proposes it.

She designs the clothes for the whole group and spend most of her free time taking photos of basically anything. People don't take too long to realize that sometimes Shai talks more than needed and that she releases secrets without thinking too much, becoming someone not trustworthy. When she first arrived at Inkopolis City, she decided to open a clothing store, which closed within a few months due to her lack of interest in maintaining the store; This anecdote become one of the many examples of her change of interest in things in a short period of time.

Shai doesn't pay much attention to the other members of the group, so most of the band's projects take time to complete because she doesn't quite understand what she should do at the time of doing something. However, when she explains something or tells a story, she wants to have everyone's full attention, since she doesn't like not to be heard.


Being the oldest in the group, she decided to be the one with the most seriousness, although she usually likes to behave a little carelessly. Her deep and calm voice contrasts with Shai's sharp and agitated voice, so she is responsible for making voice effects in the songs that she composes for TentaTerra, while Shai sings most of the lyrics. However, her career as a rapper was promoted after making her solo album public, in which she collaborated with Pearl, a member of Off The Hook.

She has had a hard life after being basically a guard who served for a group of criminals, but Ne decided to forget about it and start a new life in Inkopolis, realizing the impossible that was to make her dream come true. She's usually shy when she tries to approach people, but that shyness disappears when she enters trust, something that happened when she meet Shai for the first time. Ne was never interested in being part of a group of singers, but seeing the determination in her friend's eyes she ended up agreeing to be part of TentaTerra, becoming the rapper of the group, allowing her to have more possibilities to collaborate with more artists than that she thought.

She has been interested in retro things since childhood, this being part of why the songs of the group are of this style. Ne likes to leave the city from time to time to go to a place where she rented a small house, where she works to look for things left by humans, to investigate them and their origin. She created her own blog where she writes and takes photos and videos about the things that she finds, and then sell them on an online page.


Name Type Musician Vocals Length
Today News News Jingle PPolypux. None [N/A]
Color Bombs Splatfest Theme PPolypux. Shai & Ne [N/A]
Watch The Tides Splatfest Battle Theme PPolypux. Shai & Ne [N/A]
Splat Rush Splatfest Battle Theme PPolypux. Shai & Ne [N/A]
Now or Never! One Minute Left PPolypux. Shai & Ne 1:00
Sanitized Menace ft. Daniel Lepuling Expansion Theme PPolypux. Shai, Ne & Daniel [N/A]
The Deepest Abyss ft. Daniel Lepuling Expansion OST PPolypux. Daniel [N/A]
Octoling Rendezvous Lepuling Expansion OST, Cover PPolypux. Shai [N/A]
Eight Seasons Lepuling Expansion Credits Theme PPolypux. Shai & Ne [N/A]


  • Their names are based on the word "Shiny"
    • Shai's Japanese name (セン / Sen) is part of her Specie's name in Japanese (フウセンウミウシ)
    • Ne's Japanese name (トラフ / Torafu) also translates to English as Trough.
    • Their Chinese names are 辉煌 and 钻石 (Huīhuáng / Zuànshí), they mean Brilliant Diamond, respectively.
  • Shai's design is inspired in the Japanese Singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • Ne's design is inspired in the Japanese Rapper Chanmina.
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