"Hold on tight, the sun is bright!"

TentaShore is a fanmade/unofficial retro themed idol pair made by Kensev. They host the news on Inkopolis Island and make music for Turf Wars. Pursuing retro and synthwave music, the pair is revolutionalizing the retro scene.



Darren is a brown-skinned, 23-year-old Grimpoteuthis octopus. He wears long pants, an "8" hair clipping, and a zipped jacket, as well as long sleeves and a triangular-shaped zipper. He also wears short boots. His hairstyle consists of bangs with short tentacles on the left and right.  


Flounie is a brown-skinned 26 year old Amphioctopus Marginatusshe. She wears a short sleeveless shirt, "Long Short" pants, and a diamond clipping. She wears longer boots than Darren. She has a lower front tentacle on the left, a higher front tentacle on the right, and two longer tentacles in the back.



Darren is liked by many people because of his relatable personality. He's pretty chill, but at times is a bit too chill. The quiet one of the duo, he normally doesn't like people who are only friends with him just because he's famous. However, he still knows people who love him, so it's 50/50. He likes going outside while listening to music to calm him down. He is one of those people who are big and strong on the outside, yet very very sweet and caring on the inside. Despite all of this, he does get nervous when inklings and octolings don't like him, so being disliked really affects him. Every time he gets upset he calls Flounie in "Flounies Chatroom". Overall, he is a pretty cool octoling. and like Flounie, he gets upset when people disrespect him or his friends.


Flounie, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, personality-wise. Flounie, is known as "The loveable baby'. This is because she is naturally happy and pumped up, but this can be very very annoying. This has a huge impact on her. She easily gets nervous when people take pictures of her because shes always scared she'll do something wrong on camera, which gives her the nervous look on her face in the official art. From time to time, Flounie cuts her hair because she gets angry with it. Because it grows much quicker then the average octoling, even if she gets a poor haircut, it's perfectly fine in a few days. This causes the number of her suction cups to change from time to time. Other then this, her emotions can be triggered very easily. She's almost all of the time as happy as ever, but can get angry when people disrespect Darren. Flounie is the shoulder Darren can cry on. But at the end of the day, she knows people love her, which is what creates her passion for being an idol.


When Darren was in kindergarten, he was a tech nerd. Meaning that if he was around a computer he would start coding out of compulsion. Because of this, he skipped many grades in his school, which explains the age gap between them. The coding habit started off as a hobby, then a habit, then a problem.  

It became a problem because people started thinking he was weird, especially since he was skipping grades. He was an easy target for bullies, and was easily made into an outcast because of his hobbies. Eventually, the whole school was in on the act, except for one girl. After summer vacation, Darren eventually skipped grades, so at the time he was in 4th grade. It was the same process all over again. But this time, someone different came. It was the girl again. The girl was Flounie.  

Flounie was the artist in the school. She would draw better than everyone else, be the star in art class, and always be the first to have their art shown off. Flounie was the cute but annoying kid. She was loved around the school but annoyed many of the other kids. She was always scared she’ll do something wrong(which is why she doesn’t like people taking pictures of her without permission) and end up doing something she’ll regret. She once even heard people talking about her behind her back, causing her to almost burst into tears on the spot. But when she saw Darren, she knew he was hurting, and wanted to help.

After this, Flounie would check on him every day, saying things like: “Did they do it again?”. Darren would always give that (hmph...) look whenever she'd ask. After that, Flounie and Darren soon became real good friends.

 A few years later In high school, They discovered that they could sing, and beautifully at that. They applied for a talent show and sang Blitz It, by the Chirpy Chips. They got an apartment together and did almost everything side-by-side. It seemed great, and everything was going really well. But all good things must come to an end. They both went to colleges very far apart from each other, so they had to separate. Flounie went to a different city, and Darren went to Inkopolis. It was torture not being together, but they would do online collabs all the time. Flounie noticed that Darren and she could finish their education earlier if they put in a little more effort, so they both finished college early by doing extra classes. When they were done, Darren met up with Flounie in a place called “Inkoplis Island”, and they have stayed there since. Because of their amazing performances at talent shows and competitions, they are idols now. They now host the news broadcasts and Splatfests. 


Darren's Team Flounie's Team Art Event Winner Dates
Froyo Icecream
Test Fest Team Froyo (3 - 0) June 20th, 2020
Grilling Fireworks
N/A Grilling

(2 - 1)

July 4th - 6th, 2020



Genre Musician Type Status Idol(s)
Sunset Ride Retro / Chill Synthwave Sampling kid Plaza Theme Done Flounie / Darren
News Jingle Retro / Synthwave Sampling kid News Jingle Done N/A


  • Both of their clothes are made with seaweed, which explains the sharp ends and unique texture.
  • Their theme, music-wise, is times of days with a retro instrumental.
  • Darren uses as well as mains a brella in Turf Wars. This is because he loves the rainy day vibes it gives off.
  • Flounie uses as well as mains the clash blaster. She thinks the balls and explosions that come out of it are super cool.
  • Flounie's name in Japanese is Furūnī (Fur Urī)
  • Darren's name in Japanese is Darorī (Dar-orī)
  • The names Flounie and Darren both make Flounder which was chosen because they are found closest to shore.

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