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DJ_ExtraFresh (The Anonymous)

DJ_ExtraFresh, better known in Inkling and Octoling society simply as The Anonymous, is a malicious idolic figure bent on conquering Inkopolis. His music style is techno and rock, and his beats are specially designed to take control of a listener's mind.

He is an OC created by DiamondAnvil Productions.


DJ_ExtraFresh, shortly before becoming an idol of malice, worked as a soldier in the Dark Octo Squid Army, or DOSA for short. He then joined with the Octarian Army for a month or so, eventually going solo and stealing Octarian tech to create his DJ booth.


DJ_ExtraFresh grew up in Octoling society up until his early adulthood. At the age of 9, he learned how to rock a turntable and took his talent to the streets, but was endlessly shunned by his fellow Octolings.

This caused a development in his malicion, which in turn made him incredibly intelligent - even more so than the average Octoling. He began work on a device that could alter the minds of an Octoling in his spare time, eventually going as far as to drop out of school a year later so he could focus all of his attention on it.

Upon completion, he took it to his next show and rigged it up to his booth. When a sizeable audience had formed, he began to play and tripped the hypno switch mid-song. A few spins of the spirals was enough to take the minds of all listeners, earning his first lick of appreciation.

DJ Octavio saw potential in the young Octoling after a few public appearances, allowing the opportunity to make him even more famous by selling his technology to the Octarian Army. ExtraFresh refused his offer, going so far as to attack the Octarian leader.

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