"Don't be a thief, dive in the reef!"

TidalPod is a fanmade idol based on the game Splatoon. These 2 idols are made by agent 7 and friends and Splatbr.ella. They host the news, stage rotations, and announce Splafests in Inkopolis Reef. Orea is a Fishling and Coast is a Octoling.



Orea is a 21 year old, 5'2" (1.5748m) Fishling based on a Aplysiidae (aka sea hare). Her hair is light pink with distored light red ovals that fades to a different shade of light pink. She wears a bun that is turned into a ponytail that reaches to the bottom of her chest. Her forehead is covered by "bangs" that split into 2, one longer than the other and one swiped slightly up.

Her skin is a dark orange color, she has a beauty mark on the left side of her face. Her fangs are small and looks like it has a smooth texture to it.

She wears a LED headset and wears a cropped jacket. Under the jacket is a long-sleeved shirt that has 2 colors blended together. The shirt is tucked in a frilled skirt that sort of resembles a flower petal. She has a pair of light red short leggings and knee high knitted socks, she wears lace-less shoes that has a pink tongue and pink soles, the heel of the shoes are purple at the curve of the shoes and yellow at the outside curve of the shoe. Her gloves are fingerless and has green and purple LED lights.


Coast is a 23 year old, 5'5" (1.6509 m) Octoling based on a Stauroteuthis syrtensis (Glowing Sucker Octopus). His hair is a dark green fading into a pistachio color. He has 6 tentacles instead of the usual 4. His "bangs" are less disconnected and is connected with a web. He has a 2 nubs on top of his head that represents the fins(I think??? I forgot what they're called).

His skin is a light orange color, he has a beauty mark on the right side of his face. His irises are a light pink like color with a dark pink colored sideways oval shaped pupil. His fangs are the same like an Octoling boy's fangs.

He wears headphones that covers his indigo face mask as well. He wears a long-sleeved jacket that has one rolled up to elbows length, the bottom of the jacket has triangles that are different colors. Underneath the jacket is a indigo sleeveless turtleneck. He wears leggings that resembles a turtle shell. He wears laced boots that are indigo and has pistachio colored tongue and soles. His gloves are just like Orea but has magenta and yellow LED lights.





Orea is very shy when it comes to meeting new people and is more social around those she feels comfortable with. She often doesn't care about her everyday wear and just picks whatever she can find in her wardrobe, her uniform is the summary of her style. Her headset is her memento for something she holds dear to her, but she is very secretive when it comes to her family. She finds her hair annoying to deal with but doesn't have the time to cut it so she just ties it up to save some time. She seems to have some experience with battling and an expert on splat dualies.


Coast is not that bright, although he is an octoling, he often gets his calculations wrong and gets scolded for it. He is a very clumsy and often tries a little bit too hard in turf. Even though he is clumsy, he is very handy in combat. He has good taste in fashion and often picks out the clothing for Orea. He has a very good memory and has a hard time trying to forget his past life. He is an expert on splat rollers and crushes the competition in battle(literally).


Name Type Musician Vocals
Inkopolis News News Jingle [N/A] None
Fest Frenzy Splatfest Win Theme [N/A] Orea
Color Splash Splatfest Theme [N/A] Orea and Coast
Now or Never! Cover Splatfest 1 min remaining [N/A] Orea and Coast
Flickering Star Pop, Electronic [N/A] Orea and Coast
Whirlpooling Tide Industrial, wave [N/A] Orea and Coast
Shimmering Wave Pop [N/A] Orea and Coast
Game Over Splatfest Lose Theme [N/A] None



  • Coast is an idiot and assumes Orea is an inkling with a fancy look
  • Coast is a synonym of Beach and Orea is Ora with an "E" added, which results in the name Ora Beach
  • Coast old design included a cropped turtleneck but was scrapped in the making
  • Coast old hair design used to be a copy of the concept drawing of the old Clover hair but was scrapped in the making
  • Orea has a older sister who is involved with the events of Agent 7
  • Coast is related to a certain person but the octoling has amnesia from a certain event.
  • Orea mains dualies
  • Coast mains rollers
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