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Tropical Sunset is an idol duo created by Jellymations (Ms. Ellington Feint) and Komic (Komi10). Tropic Sunset consists of a starling named Leilani and jellyling named Dawn. They host news and Splatfests in Sunny Island/Inkopolis Resort, an uncanon vacation island not too far off the coast of Inkopolis.



Leilani is a 19-year-old Starling.


Dawn is an 18-year-old Jellyling.


Dawn was supposed to be born an ordinary jellyfish, but she was different from the start because her mother was an inkling. She ended up growing up like an inkling, from a jelly to a kid. This was noticed by her parents, and they didn’t want Dawn to get ridiculed, so they didn’t send her to school for the first three years. After enough begging from Dawn, her parents sent her to school with other kids. She made one friend, an inkling named Prisma. Dawn made enemies, too--the school “popular kids.” She pretty much lived a school cliche up till high school ended. She didn’t have plans for college but found a good music school not too far from where she lived and started going there. Dawn had always had a passion for music, and at college, she learned drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, and the the synth.

Leilani was born on a small island and raised in a tribe. Her father was chief and used that power well, being very overprotective to little Leilani. She never knew her mother very well, all she knew is that her mother loved her very much and died of a snake bite. Leilani spent her life dreaming of the outside world and sitting near the ocean. On her island, she knew a boy who was very nice to her, and they were in love. This caught the attention of Leilani’s father, who was picky when it came to this sort of thing. He already had a husband picked for her, and he was actually quite a bully of hers. Whenever Leilani came to her father with this argument, he’d say she was being too selfish. He never really listened to her. When it came to music, however, that was different. Leilani was a beautiful singer and wrote her first song when she was eleven. Her songs were often about the ocean or her love.

Leilani was tired of her fathers rule and wanted to explore, so she came up with a plan to escape. At midnight, she sailed away from the island, and she woke up at land by morning. She began to explore the city she had landed in--Inkopolis--and crashed into Dawn, who was on her way to college. “Watch where you’re going!” shouted Dawn. Then she saw the tired, dirty Leilani in front of her and gasped. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” She helped her up, and Leilani introduced herself and told Dawn what had happened. Dawn felt pity for her and took her in. They became good friends. Dawn does think its cool to have a tribe person as a friend, and since Leilani has never been out in the real world, Dawn teaches her inkling culture and how to fit in Inkopolis. Leilani, though she did speak many languages, didn’t talk a lot, mainly nodding, shaking her head, etc.

One day, when Dawn was in school, Leilani found some old bongos that Dawn had and recognized them from her island. She started playing and singing. Dawn came home and listened to Leilani, clapping after she finished. “You like music too?” Dawn asked. Leilani replied with a happy nod. Dawn showed Leilani some of her equipment, and, at Dawn’s request, Leilani played the bongos and sang in front of Dawn’s microphone. Dawn added some of her vocals and music to the recording, and the girls listened to the finished product. They ended up doing this every week, kind of improvising. One day, with Leilani’s permission, they posted their songs on the internet, gaining millions of views. After a while, they finally got a record deal and music became their actual job. 

One day, Leilani did something she never thought she’d do. She visited her island. It had been years. Her father was older now, and Leilani found him sick in his tent. They made small talk as Leilani explained everything. Her father apologized for being strict. Unfortunately, it was his time, and...he died. Leilani had never cried in her life, and she just sighed in sadness. She covered her father with a blanket and told everyone on the island the sad news. They proposed Leilani would be made ruler, but she refused—she had a life Inkopolis. She suggested they sail away and find a city, too. Leilani left the island. She felt sad but stayed strong. She never told Dawn about her visit, and Dawn still doesn’t know to this day.

A while later, great news came along—they made the deserted island of Leilani’s childhood a vacation spot, and they were hiring idols! Leilani and Dawn auditioned and got the job. They now host news and splatfests on the island.




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