Uniform Unity is a fan five-piece splatoon band. They all wear school uniforms, and that's the explanation of their band's name.



Kaede is a 17 year old nembrotha cristata sea slug. She has light teal skin and eyes and black hair with teal spots on it.


Kaede is quiet and shy. If a conflict appears between her bandmates, she prefers to stay aside and doesn't interfere. She likes to speak heart to heart.

Role in the band

Kaede is the band's bassist.

Хто я

she is confusion



Polly is a 19 year old polyceridae sea slug. She has white skin with orange freckles everywhere and orange hair.


Polly is snooty and squeamish. She is often rude to her bandmates, but they are friendly with her. She's a good musician after all, and she needs to stay in the band. She was pretty cranky at childhood too, but her parents weren't paying so much attention to her, so it became even worse.

Role in the band

Polly is one of the band's guitarists.





Ishi is a 20 year old inkling. She has black tentacles fading to blue ink color and blue eyes.


Ishi doesn't really show her emotions and is usually dead faced, but she's easy to get along with and she can be protective.

Role in the band

Ishi plays the synth.

Дедушка инсайд

dead inside



Namiko is a 19 year old octoling. She has lime green tentacles and teal eyes.


Namiko often acts like the head of the band, though there's no certain leader there. She is optimistic and responsible.

Role in the band

Namiko is the second band's guitarist.

Я трава

head empty



Ima is a 18 year old flapjack octopus. She has light green skin and yellow tentacles. She also wears round glasses.


Ima is an understanding person, and she's always there to cheer up her bandmates if they're feeling down. She's pretty organized and she helps Namiko with making the band more popular.

Role in the band

Ima is the band's drummer.



The band's formation

All the band's members were studying in the same music school, and after a few years after graduating it they decided to form a band. They were posting music on the internet at first, and when they got more popular, some of their songs started to play in battles. They don't do live performances yet, though.


Song name Vocals Progress Link
Now or Never! (cover) Namiko WIP no
Muck Warfare (cover) Namiko, Polly no no
Get Through It Kaede, Ishi no no
Merry-Go-Round Ima no no


Coming soon????

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