Have you ever tried making Splatoon idols and then trying to think of a good name? Think that generic and boring English names don't fit? Well, here's the advice.

When naming your idol duos, (if you want it to be punny and close to canon) keep in mind that the pair of names should be connected to each other, even as a pun!

For example, Callie + Marie = Calamari (a general term for squid as food)

Or it can be coincidental??? Pearl + Marina (a synonym for Harbor) = Pearl Harbor.

You can take a maritime term/marine biology term/ the name of a place located in the ocean/ a seafood dish that is related to the idols' species/ any term related to their theme(s), and split them into half, then convert it into something better if desired. Without the puns/ name base or if the names are unconnected and boring, it makes your idols kinda... bland, to be honest. It's okay if you did that sometimes, as I'm not the one deciding what your idols are. This is just a guide! Plus, there are even more ways to make names connected to each other without using puns as shown below.


  • A term related to other species. Don't name your idols based on a species that they aren't. Don't name them "Anne" and "Mona" if they're INKLINGS! Use a squid related term or anything above instead.
  • Use boring English names that don't connect to a pun, a term, or doesn't even connect to each other at all.
  • Use combinations that don't connect to each other in any way.

Here are some examples I made. Feel free to use them if you want.

  • Kora and Reif from the word "coral reef". Overused example, I don't recommend it.
  • Reese and Otto from "risotto"
  • Tim and Perry from "tempura"
  • Frank and Tony from "plankton"
  • Typhoon and Cyclone. They're not split-words, but synonyms, so they connect to each other.
  • Dusk and Dawn. Opposites or contradicting ideas also work very well with each other.

It's okay if their names aren't connected into a word, since they can also be synonyms, related terms, or even antonyms/ opposites! Keep in mind that naming is very important, and it is quite a fundamental part of designing fanmade Splatoon idols. Well, not as important as their duo stage name, design and backstory. Hope you guys find this guide helpful, and more guides will also be coming soon.

Stay fresh off the hook!

(haha get it? fresh fish off the fishing hook? ha... this is bad.)
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