"Don't swim with the fish, make a wish!"

Wish Whirlpool is a unofficial idol duo created by ReverseSoul that consists of two Octolings. They reside in Sand Daggernose, where they host Splatfests, share news and provide music like most other idols do. The two idols names are Ciel and Chelle.



Ciel, whose name is pronounced as 'Seal', is 19. She wears a grayish sleeveless tee and skirt, with a violet belt and hairclip. She wears black rain boots over blue violet stockings. Her skin is slightly pale and she has orange eyes with shamrock-shaped pupils. Her normal expression is calm and collected, but slightly analyzing. Her hair is oil black with pigment. Her hair is a little long and reaches to her elbows.

Her usual ink color is violet.


Chelle, whose name is pronounced as ‘Shell’, is 17. She wears a white hoodie over a honey-colored tank top, white shorts with stripes at sides, pale yellow knee-length socks and white sneakers with buttons. Her skin is about average and she has teal eyes with crescent-shaped pupils. Her normal expression is playful and a little smug, always searching for a joke. Her hair is a very light pink, almost white with pigment. Her hair is short and looks identical to the Inkling ‘Wave’ hairstyle, except a lot shorter.

Her usual ink color is honey.



Ciel is rather practical and logical, but tries to keep herself compassionate. She's a quick-thinker and can come up with a plan if you give her time. Although she finds this sort of intellect unfair to kids that just want to battle and turf, she enjoys living lazily if she doesn't need to work.  


Chelle is constantly lively and energetic, putting passion into every effort possible. Although she just seems like one big ray of sunshine, deep inside of her is a storm, or 'a angry little chihuahua' is how Ciel puts it. This energy helps her put up a fight in a battle, turf or ranked.



Cielwas raised in Sand Daggernose. Swiftly, she became interested in poems and gymnastics, explaining why she can do much more than Chelle when it comes to dancing, but also grew independent. As soon as she was 16, she went to be on her own, all by herself. It went on like this for a year or so until a wanna-be singer by the named of Chelle with a small fan-base decided to tour Sand Daggernose. Out of curiosity and socialization, she wanted to see this budget concert and felt quite sad for Ciel, as she barely wasn't getting paid enough to sustain herself. Ciel offered to write better and sensible lyrics for her, which started up both a partnership and friendship. Though Chelle was slightly popular, she required another singer. Ciel gained the courage to go ahead and join Chelle in the idol world, forming Wish Whirlpool. 


Chelle was born into a family of 2 children, which became 8. She was commonly annoyed and distracted by her problematic and older siblings to the point where she became stressed and tried many ways to separate herself from them, but none of them seemed to work. Because of the constant pestering, she ended up having to throw away her old dreams of a job. But one day, on a late night, she was watching a show about self-claimed talented singers, and after binge-watching so many singing auditions, she found another dream to work for. When she had at least half a plan and was 14, she ran away from her home to attempt to pursue her dream. When she considered herself successful, she returned to Sand Daggernose as a little-known idol, only to meet Ciel.


  • Ciel and Chelle's name combined are supposed to sound like 'Seashell'.
  • Chelle's name is an accidental reference to Portal 1 and 2's main protagonist.
  • Ciel can be found frequently at Sand Daggernose's five-star cafe.
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