X-Tides is a fanmade band made by kimsangie. They provide and make music for the in-game matches, like the other bands in Inkopolis. The members of the band are Yami (JP- 闇), a cuttlefish, Karui (JP- 軽い) a octoling and Yukke (JP- ゆき), a branchling.

They provide rock music, using an electric guitar, bass and drums, their music gives a special touch to the Turf Wars, sometimes they border on the genres of Metal, Dubstep, Pop and EDM.

Band Members


Yami is the lead singer and lead guitarist for the band, her strong yet deep voice adds a special touch to the band's songs. Her passion for music and rock gave her enough energy to bring his dream of creating a band to reality, and even having concerts in the big city of Inkopolis; She met other individuals who once had the same idea of ​​bringing their voices and melodies to the ears of all the habitants of Inkopolis, and that's how X-Tides was born, a strong band that brings their passion for music to other levels, exceeding their own limits in every song they made. Despite being someone cheerful and outgoing, not much is known about her past or personal life, but she likes to talk to her own fans and enjoys the songs of other artists, supporting them in their goals. Some rumors commented that she had a relationship with Kai'Za's pianist, Daniel; something that caught the attention of the news media after seeing that the artist made a comment regarding him in one of the band interviews.


A rare individual because of his way of acting, in addition to not being able to speak; Karui is the second guitarist and DJ for X-Tides, noted for composing strong and vibrant melodies. He was the last member included in the band, since not being able to speak made things difficult for him when he tried to enter the band for the first time. He was never part of DJ Octavio's troops, fortunately; although his parents always insisted that he would be a good warrior, which he always denied. Despite all the bad times he brought by not being able to speak, he became the leader of the band, the other members always say that the band would never have become famous if it hadn't been for him.

He is the older brother of Erick, one of the Inkopolis City vendors; Although their hobbies are different as are their tastes, they both get along well, and Karui can occasionally be seen in her brother's store.


The outgoing and loving Yukke, a branching responsible for the group's few Pop and EDM songs. She is the bassist, drummer, and second voice for X-Tides; her taste for quirky and new things brought her to the position she is in now. Originally she would not be included in the group at the request of Yami, but Yukke's cries and tantrums ended up making an exception, which would be momentary at first, but the idea was forgotten and the band ended as it is today. She's usually perceived by someone adorable and tender, but as soon as you meet her in person it becomes a living nightmare; the other members learned to basically ignore her until the time of making a song arrives.

She's considered one of the younger sisters of Chronos -The owner of the Inkopolis Cafe-, due to their similarity in speech and physique, however, they aren't blood related, but both of them belong to the same race.


Name Type Musician Vocals Length
The Octarian Empire Battle Theme PPolypux. Yami & Yukke. [N/A]
Kraken Gossip Battle Theme PPolypux. Yami. [N/A]
Ocean Array Battle Theme PPolypux. Yami & Yukke. [N/A]
Blue ft. Dedf1sh Battle Theme PPolypux. Yukke & Dedf1sh. [N/A]
Medusa Skin Battle Theme PPolypux. Yami. [N/A]
Darkness Of The Deepsea Battle Theme PPolypux. Yami & Yukke. [N/A]


  • Their names come from the words Darkness (闇), Light (軽い) and Sunset (夕焼け) in Japanese.
  • Their music resembles the songs featured on the album Gokusaishiki (極彩色), by the singer Reol; however there is a part of them that also resembles Cepheid's songs.
  • Yami was actually dating with Daniel, just that in a completely random moment the boy ended his relationship with her.
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