Zentacles is an idol duo composed of two male Octolings,Tako (タイ Tai) and Yaki (ヤキ Yaki). Their music is traditionally Japanese-style with a slight electronic back sound. They do not host Inkopolis News. Instead,they hold their performances in occasion of the Turf War tourneys.


Differently from most idol groups,they don’t use playback instrumentals and play their music live every time. Tako,the one with white clothing and black hair,often takes the role of dancer while Yaki plays the instruments. Yaki,the one with black clothing and white hair, is a talented musician. He’s the composer behind most of the duo’s songs and can skillfully play the shamisen (his is a modified electric one) and the shakuhachi,often switching between the two instrument during the same performance.

They both provide the vocals for their songs, Yaki having a deeper voice than Tako.


Unlike Off the Hook or the Squid Sisters,the duo members are very similar in personality and interests and have an almost telepathic synchronism. However,Yaki seems a lot shier than Tako,and prefers to organize the scenography and play his instruments rather than do the dramatic acting instances Tako does. Yaki is also the one which is,almost comically,more faithful to an Eastern lifestyle. He despises hamburgers,hot dogs and fries,which Tako loves instead,and the latter often ironizes with him about this. Anyway,they share an absurdly strong bond and both of them claim they can’t live without each other. Even in front of claims such as some people’s preference for Yaki or Tako,they like to remind that they can’t be separated. [TBA]


•Their names (Tako and Yaki in the international version,Tai and Yaki in Japanese) respectively make up Japanese recipes (takoyaki being octopus dumplings,taiyaki being fish-shaped cakes).

•They both love flowers. Tako especially loves lotus flowers,while Yaki prefers sakura blossom.

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