"There's always Zest in a Splatfest!"

The Zesty Zuckers are songwriters from outside of Inkopolis. Consisting of two members; Celia, a purple-haired Inkling, and Rayna, an orange haired Octoling. The duo is usually seen out shopping, or playing at the arcade.


Both Celia and Rayna went to one of the best schools in their district. Though this was just not enough for them. With big dreams for the future, Celia and Rayna went to pursue a career in Inkopolis. They have been best friends ever since they arrived.


Celia is a serious Inkling, thinking things through before acting out. She has an unusually good sense of humor despite this.

Rayna is a peppy, cheerful Octoling.


Celia's Team Rayna's Team Winners Dates
Coke Pepsi N/A July 2020
Francine Chrissy N/A Aug 2020
Messy Clean N/A Sept 2020
Sandwich Toast N/A Oct 2020
Squid Octopus N/A Nov 2020
Socks Pajamas N/A Dec 2020


  • Celia's birthday is August 17th.
  • Rayna's birthday is November 20th.
  • Celia's favorite weapon is the Soda Slosher, a hand-me-down from her older sister.
  • Rayna's favorite weapon type is Inkbrush.
  • Rayna owns a pet Sea Bunny named Bell. She is usually seen in the studio swimming in her tank.
  • Rayna Was originally Going to be male.
  • Rayna’s favorite squid sister Is marie.
  • Celia’s favorite squid sister is callie.

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